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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Ann's Arrival

Following of long day of a  holiday shopping frenzy, I arrived home yesterday to find the Ann Grimshaw Sampler pattern nestled in my mailbox.  I so enjoy ordering patterns from The Scarlett Letter.  With each pattern there is a background/biography page included like the one pictured above.  I was more than happy to pour myself a cup of tea, put my feet up, and journey back in time.  Ann Grimshaw was born in Calverley, Yorkshire and attended Ackworth School from 1816 to 1818, during which time she created this sampler of cross stitching. The amazing fact is that she was only 13 years old at the time!  Can you imagine?
I'm still in the process of deciding what type and color of linen to stitch this on but I've got it narrowed down to two options. Both are dyed in a manner that provide a time-worn, aged appearance. I hope to order my fabric by Monday so I can begin stitching by next weekend  once I'm finished with my last craft show. I'm also putting together some background information and photos of the Ackworth school where Ann attended to share with you as well.  I think I enjoy the history just as much as I do the stitching.


  1. I love knowing the background of the sampler that I am stitching. I think that it really adds another dimension to the experience.


    I love Greensleeves too :)

  2. Hi there, hope ya'll had a splendid Thanksgiving. That's really nice to know the background of the gal. I can't wait to see her finished:)

  3. Hi Abbey! I read about you over at sweet Donna's blog. Welcome to Blogland!!! Your stitching is lovely, and what challenging projects you take on! Looking forward to seeing more of your beautiful work and getting to know you too! :) Paulette

  4. age worn will look awesome!! so show us your progress


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